pauliusAlmost one week passed when I arrived to Riga. This is not the first time for me in Riga. I feel strange somehow - when I was here for the first time I couldn't imagine that after three years it was going to be my home for one year, not because I didn't like it, but usually Lithuanians choose to go to the West thousands kilometres away. To be honest, What can you explore more in a city 4 hours away from Vilnius and is as far as Klaipeda. Apart from that, we also went through the same history of XX c. so I trully believed that I know Latvia/Riga well enough and even though it was worth to pay a visit, but nothing more is here to be discovered.
However, I gradually started to make a conclusion that we are so near, but together so far . So after three years Riga looks as a completely new city. Brivibas piemineklis is not just a monument, but a symbol of Latvia, which wasn't torned down even during the Soviet times and I know that there are so many more details to discover and compare with Lithuania.
So far the life in Riga hasn't brought any surprises, disappointments or excitements. I don't even care a lot about the basketball's world championship, where Lithuania right now is seeking for a medal (Well I can break a myth - not every Lithuanian is obsessed with basketball). I can feel that my life is in a some kind of transmission. This is the first September, which I start without going to a school or university. The first September, when I live neither at my hometown, nor at dormitory in Vilnius. But everything goes so natural, that I don't think about the differences between my previous life and this one.
I am looking forward finally really get settled down in Riga and become a real "ridzinieks", start the EVS activities. I hope I will succeed in mastering Latvian language  (which from time to time I find as a very strong Lithuanian language accent), but before that, let's meet other volunteers in the arrival training in Salacgriva!
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