Ka tev iet ? – Man iet loti labi, paldies! I haven´t leant much Latvian yet, but I´d say that I got the necessary basics already. In fact, it´s almost 4 months on Latvia and the reason why my language is lacking is all the other exciting new experiences I´m making which mean so much to me that they just fill up most of my brain.

I guess it´s time for a new blog entry, since the last time was ages ago. And how could it be different in a year like this, a lot happened ever since. First of all I finally moved from my lonely out-of-the-centre flat to a 6 bedroom super-central, always happy flat in a building which feels like a community as there are mostly students living here. It wasn´t an easy process and I was hardly supported, so I´m grateful to nevertheless have accepted the challenge. I´m sharing the room with a Latvian student and we are getting along very well. There is another Latvian girl living in the flat, a Croatian EVS, a German student and an Italian Erasmus. Sounds like fun, is fun! Last Sunday we decided to invite the whole building for a get to know each other brunch, where we talked and –how could it be different- ate continuously. Now I feel like the whole building is my home and there is always someone to greet on the staircase.


It´s been 3 weeks I am in Latvia now, and my head finally arrived, too.

Huge credits go to the on arrival training which I enjoyed a lot and which let me reflect about what I am really doing here and how I want to shape this year. When we arrived at the beautiful guest house at first it was slightly confusing as we all expected bunk beds in dorms but found out that there were rooms for 2 people in one bed. Still it turned out very well as I shared the bed with a French girl, Marine and we had loads of fun together! In general everyone was so kind and happy that in 4 days I felt like knowing this group for ages and feel tempted to call them my new squad :D The last day of our training we decided to visit Cesis together before heading back to our new homes all over Latvia, knowing that we will visit each other ASAP. In fact the next weekend Marine and her German co volunteer, Diana came to Riga. Together with two other girls, Isabel from Portugal and Berit from Germany, we discovered the local bars and photographers. And yes, you´re right there is a strong German presence among the EVS people, which is great for me so I still feel at home. This Saturday I´m looking forward to meet even more EVS people, guess where they´re from?

Hi there!

Spoiler alert: It´s the first time I´m wiriting a blog so don´t blame me. 

So , I arrived to Riga International Airport on Wednesday and coming from Munich the first thing that popped to my mind was the small scale of this airport. Five minutes later I was told this is the biggest Baltic airport- oh !

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