From 7th to 15 of July Klubs Maja had the wonderful oppurtunity to host an youth exchange here, in Latvia. As the name said, participants were from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And now a bit more about how it all came to be and what happened during the exchange.

Last year, on 4th of September, Olegs and I met accidentally in Rigas Lidosta and talked about possibility to write a project together and after that we met just to disguss things in our lovely office. We brainstormed for some hours and combined Olegs wish to create something connected with sports and my long lasting dream to write a YE for Baltic youth. The project was written mainly by Olegs very quickly and we submitted it to the 1st October deadline and we got a happy news in December: our project has been financed by Latvian National Agency!

Piedāvājam Jūsu uzmanībai nelielu bilžu video klipu, kurš tapa jauniešu apmaiņas "Baltics Exploring Baltics" ietvaros. Lai noskatītos video, spied saiti - lasīt vairāk!



by Hendrik

It was a really beautiful place in the nature surrounded by river and mountains. I was swimming a lot and I really liked the adventure park. Houses were really nice too and the food was great. I’d really like to come here in winter and ski or snowboard in here. So in conclusion, the place was pretty much perfect.

Drawing stereotypes: before and after

by Ieva

We had an interesting task. We were asked to draw what we think and what are our stereotypes about our Baltic neighbours. The first time we did it, we didn’t know each other so well, so it was quite difficult to say something, besides the usual all-known things- which aren’t quite real. But after we spent a week together the outcome of this task changed. Our opinion now was more realistic and we were able to characterise our neighbours much better. I understood how pleasant people live around me.

Language course

by Eva

Valodas kursi notika divas reizes. Mēs sēdējām aplī, un rindas secībā kāds no Igaunijas, Latvijas un Lietuvas uzrakstīja kādu vārdu savā valodā, ko citiem būtu interesanti iemācīties, uz dēlīša. Šis pasākums bija interesants, jo šī nebija tāda pati valodas mācīšanās kā skolā, daudzi vārdi bija smieklīgi, visiem bija jautri. Sanāca apvienot foršo ar lietderīgo.

National evenings

by Laura

We had three national evenings. The first was Latvian evening. Latvian team presented Latvia. They made presentation about Latvia, singed Latvian songs, played games and ate Latvian traditional food (sklandrauši, siers, kvass, “Gotiņas”). In the second day we had Lithuanian evening. We also watched presentation about Lithuania, singed, danced, played games and ate national food (sausages, candies, cheese, kvass, šokotes). Lithanians showed a presentation, later asked questions about Lithuania. When we replied them they gave us their traditional drink and candies from Vilnius. In the third evening it was Estonian turn to present their country. We sang all together an Estonian song and tried to answer questions that were in the presentation. Later we played some Estonian games and tasted their traditional drinks and sweets. These three evenings were very nice and fun because each participant learned new things about other two countries.

Folk workshops

by Alice

It was a workshop where each nation talked about their music, events, beautiful and interesting places in their country. Also, we played some national games and learned some national dances. I find this kind of workshop interesting and educating about other Baltic countries. I am sure that each person really had fun and found out something new about Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Everyone really enjoyed Lithuanian national dance because it was new, awesome and different. I, as an Estonian, enjoyed Lithuanian music the most. I think I have never heard it before. It was beautiful. I also think that Lithuanian language through the songs is beautiful too. I think that workshops are good things for learning new things, especially if people are interested about these things that will be learned here.


Modern art workshop

by Rūta

Members were asked all time to show their folk culture to introduce others with their countries, but everybody was also waiting for the modern part. Participants got really excited when Latvians prepared a song in their own languages (“Skrienu, skrienu vēl”). It was interesting to hear what music do they listen in their countries. Estonians presented the “best places to visit while you’re in Estonia”. It was fun because we realised that our music is not that different from others. And we have plenty of places to visit while we are travelling around the Baltics.

KUDO workshop

by Germans

Kudo is one of fight style. Tautvydas was an instructor who showed many fight elements. The first we had pick elements. Tautvydas showed and we repeated. Tautvydas used some eastern language, it was amazing, because we did not used English numbers but this other language. Tautvydas and Matas showed difficult fight elements in Kudo and then we repeated it with our partner. I really liked Kudo and now I know what it is- a mix of some east fight styles.

City game and excursion in Cēsis

by Andreis

The city game was one of the most interesting games. Some kind of hazard was attacking every body with cameras. All of us were trying to accomplish every task we were given. The exercises made us think creatively. And we were really a team while taking these pictures. After the city game we went to excursion about Cēsis. We saw the new and the old castle, church and some houses in Cēsis. I learned that the founder of Estonian art, Kohler, lived and studied in Cēsis for long time. I think that these activities were interesting and educational at once. Nice!

12 months workshop

by Agape

It wasn’t like a game or something, it was like a project, I don’t know. We were sitting in a circle. In every team was at least 1 Estonian, 1 Latvian and 1 Lithuanian. [further in Estonian]

Christmas evening

by Agnese

In that day in workshops we talked about celebrations. So it is just logical that Christmas was the last celebration about what we discussed. Each of us had to make a gift for our secret friend. It was interesting that instead of reciting a poem we had to say one Christmas tradition of our country to receive the gift. As it is harder to get Christmas trees on summer, we choose to make one by ourselves from a flipchart and put it on the wall. We also prepared some decorations. I really enjoyed this evening because we all together sang, danced and participated in several interesting activities.

“Baltic Olympics”

by Agne

The Baltic Olympics was organised by participants from Lithuania. It all started with a relay. Then followed with volleyball, football and finished with dodge ball. It was really fun, all teams appeared very well in games. Although dodge ball was kinda weird because all countries had different rules, so we mixed all them together. All in all, all teams fought for the victory not considering the injuries. I had a great time helping to organise and participate in the games.

Postcards, video and song

by Stella

I think that the postcards are going to be amazing. I have seen just the sketches, those look awesome! The video took a lot of time and it still needs some last touches, then it will be done! I hope that everyone will like it. The song is the best part. It will be my jam. I hope that the guys can record it. The lyrics are amazing!

Free time

by Annija

After all the activities people have to rest, don’t they? Actually, also during the free time we continued to break stereotypes and get to know each other better. The best part was that we were split in rooms with other nationalities so it was even easier to get to know people after the workshops. Of course, we liked to swim in the river, play a guitar, bake marshmallows, and make so many jokes like never before! We saw many people flying above our heads, we also met some strangers walking next to our houses at 2 a.m. It is true that in non formal atmosphere everyone is more open-minded than during workshops. It didn’t matter how good our English or Russian is, people from this exchange will be my friends forever.



2013.gada 15.jūlijā Cēsīs noslēgusies projekta "Baltics Exploring Baltics" galvenā aktivitāte - jauniešu apmaiņa. Atskatoties uz astoņām kopā pavadītām dienām mēs varam droši pateikt, ka jaunieši no trīs Baltijas valstīm uzzināja daudz jaunu lietu par citām valstīm, kultūru un tradīcijām.

The 4th day has started with amazing sun, morning workout and tasty breakfast. Youth exchange between 3 countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has bring the participants a lot of new knowledges about neighbours, new language skills and fun moments.


The first day when we arrived to camping in Cēsis, we had to „ break the ice” between people. We did some energizers and a lot of name games, because it is hard to remember names of more than 20 new participants, isn’t it?

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