July 8th in our training course was based on idea creation and  information gaining about European fundings for youth projects.

There was a chance to play creative game about European Commission and listen to information about Youth Pass.

After that we had time for our own idea creation what we would love to create in youth field by ourselves. We choosed the best 9 ideas and created work groups for each idea for 24 hour workshop and brainstorming to make a plan how to make those ideas come to life.

How to package yourself, how to make your idea more powerful, how to talk using different aproaches to the audience, how to move your hips?
On the sixth day of the project, we countinued to gain more knowledge from Kristaps. The main ideas in his presentation were about the ideas that you have to understand how different kind of social media works, how we can gain more audience through them.

Fifth day of our training program was dedicated to guest lecturer Kristaps from advertisement agency. He though us to think more creative with different tasks. For example, in ten minutes we needed to decide 28 ways how to use pen. 
After that we made advertisements for our best products and did a lot of brainstorming.

The third day of the project was really productive as we did many tasks in different groups and discussed lots of topics connected to youth work. 

One of the best tasks was to state your opinion by taking yes/no side on particular question. There was a long white line dividing black floor into two halves. It helped to recognise the amount of people sharing a common opinion. Besides that, all participants were able to present their thoughts and ideas to the others. Thus, today we had to make plenty of posters (and not to forget the creative part as well).

Our training has succesfully started! We are happy to see so many enthusiastic faces and looking forward to inspirational next days! 

We will regularly inform about the activities and impressions of participants. Look what Alma from Bosnia and Herzogovina is saying about today: "First introducting day started promising.  We have met awesome people from 13 different countries. All of them are amazing individuals from which I believe to learn a lot but also share my knowledge.  After introducting countries we had to "draw our dreams" coming from artistic background this was curiosity for me and I loved this approach.  Team leaders is  also very diverse and I am sure they will give us an extraordinary experience."

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