foto2On 28th of February I was leaving Riga to spend the next four days on the arrival training in Kegums. An event made for volunteers in Latvia that are in the initial phase of their project.
It lasted four days and these days were full of activities and I was surrounded by new people. So it was a great opportunity to meet more people from different countries and with different experiences. We spent three days with volunteers and mentors, in the beginning activities were more about team building with the goal of building a good atmosphere and seeing how good we could work as a group. I think we were a good team, especially because the most of us didn’t know each other. And still we were able to respect each other and heard all the opinions and thoughts.

Since last time I wrote for the blog, some things have happened 

            The first news are about my co-worker, finally I have met her. Finally, because unfortunately we didn’t arrive at the same time, what wasn’t the way it was supposed to. However unexpected situations are always happening - you just need to have a positive mind.

So after almost two weeks in Riga, she arrived and I met her. Her name is Zhana and she is from Georgia. The truth is that I actually didn’t have much information about this small country. So at least from the view of having a good cultural exchange I knew I would have a good one. After spending some time with her, I can say that I have learned some things about Georgian culture, food and music.

Mariana-blog-first-daysMy first days in Riga were a combanation of many feelings and thoughts, I can say that my mind was very unclear.
The night I arrived I was pretty calm and for my surprise and it wasn´t so cold as I expected. The only view I had of this city was through the window of the bus and a taxi, so it was a small first impression. Impossible to capture the essence of Riga. Therefore I had to wait until the next morning to start my new adventure and get to know the city that will be my home for nine months.
The first time I saw Riga in the daytime I must admit: I didn´t enjoy. I couldn’t feel the life or colour in the city, but it was just my begynnig in the streets and I knew that I was not seeing the city in the right way. So I started to notice the buildings and the coffee shops and the details about them and everything started to be delightful and my thoughts about Riga started to change. The people I have known here are very nice and thoughtful. However I am still adapting to everything, the city, the local people and to hearing a completely different language. I see this my new begynning as a process and an opportunity to do something I have always wanted to: volunteer service and also a chance to explore a new country and meet new people.

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