Čau to everyone!

Now, when summer is finally arrived (despite some spring-like days), new activities are happening. Portuguese lessons and school visits are already finished, therefore in July our main task was to prepare for annual Summer Camp, which is one of Klubs traditions.

Sveiki since the last entry. Despite a long absence without writing, lots of events have been organised.

In the beginning of May I participated in almost three days long EVS Mid Term Evaluation, in very peaceful and beautiful location, quite near to Riga. I met already known EVS volunteers from previous trainings and new ones too. We all together had a great time there. As national newspappers showed interest about volunteering and EVS, we gave interviews to them and told our inspiring EVS stories.


Finally Portuguese language classes have started in Klubs with a well composed class (around 15 people). I am introducing my mother tongue to them. Before it begun I was a bit afraid about the teaching process itself. This is a new experience for me as well it is for the “pupils”, but after two weeks of classes I consider it as a very pleasant activity.

Meanwhile, I’ve been visiting some schools. I was in Jelgava city secondary school, I joined to Klubs member for a Euro debate (concerning to EU, Europe, Euro currency…). Despite the fact that spoken language was Latvian, I could understand a bit of the discussion (counting also with translation). After the debate we had time for a guided tour around the city, visiting museum and historical buildings. It was truly a well spent day.

Labrīt everyone,

Two weeks quickly have passed by and so much has happened.

In late March I had responsibility to lead Euro currency debates in Klubs. Due to an unpredictable setback this moment was moved to the Latvian Ministry of Finance. It was truly institutional event, where it was possible to meet association of the respective Euro office.

Few days after, in first of April, it was time to celebrate Easter, in Latvian way. Despite in Portugal this is a well celebrated period (due to religious factor) it is not usual to have a celebration like it is in Latvia. For me it was a really pleasant celebration, the egg painting afternoon. Beside the fact we celebrated it visiting Salaspils - special place, where the holocaust history can be felt….

Labrīt to all,

Well, since the last blog entry some things have happened. On 15th of April I organized Portuguese evening in Klubs to everyone, especially regarding to my traditional habits, cultural differences and similarities between Portugal and Latvia. I “served” a self made presentation about Portugal, the best landscapes, local facts, culture habits, persons, history and dates, and also an international point of view, presented by an American well-known tv host, about Portugal capital and one of my favourite cities in the world, which is my hometown - Lisbon. To finalize the evening - I couldn’t let all the people, who attended it, to be hungry, so I served a traditional local delicacy - “sweet rice”, a Portuguese “konfekt”.

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