I am back in Riga after two weeks in my hometown, Ljubljana. It was great to go back to Slovenia and recharge my batteries. When I landed at Treviso airport I expected my mom and Che, my dog, to be waiting for me, but I was surprised by my best friend who drove three hours to be the one to welcome me back.  Over the next two weeks I spent time in the embrace of my family and friends and walking through the city streets that I know so well. It was weird in many ways to be back in the city that I called home for eighteen years. Even though things hadn’t changed in any big way, everything felt different than before. I guess it’s me that has changed in the past three or four months. While leaving after the holidays was hard, I was also excited to get back to my second home in Riga.

Last weekend me and my friend Mateo, a Croatian volunteer in Riga, went for a weekend trip to Tallinn. We decided it was time to explore some of the other Baltic countries. Mateo had already been to Vilnius but this was my first trip outside of Latvia since I got here. We travelled in the most luxurious bus ever, so trip there wasn’t a problem at all. In Tallinn we stayed at The Red Emperor hostel which I would warmly recommend to anyone going to Tallinn.


my first school visit. What is supposed to be my main activity while I stay in Riga, has taken about a month to actually happen. Me and Alice had a lesson on EVS in the 12th class of Rīgas Valsts 3. Ģimnāzija. The lesson was a good learning experience for me, to see what works in the class, what needs to be improved and how the class reacts to you. For a first lesson it wasn’t so bad but there are definitely things that can and will be improved. I can’t wait to put this experience into practice with more school visits coming up.


A week ago I attended my on arrival training, which took place in Cēsis. I thought the training would be boring but I was very wrong. It was nice to meet other EVS volunteers in Latvia and learn about their reasons for volunteering, programs and their culture. Learning about nonformal education and the methods used, was informative and will be useful for my work here. The guest house where we stayed was beautiful. It had a big meadow in front, full of all kinds of free roaming farm animals like donkeys, goats, geese, chickens and even horses. We were lucky to have great weather (apart from one rainy day), allowing us to enjoy our coffee breaks in the sun on the terrace, talking and getting to know each other.

IMG 0459Sveiki,

I arrived at Riga airport on 9.9.2015, severely hungover from my going away party the night before, tired from my flight from Ljubljana to Helsinki and then finally Riga.

I was meet by Paula, the project coordinator and my co volunteer, Alice. Despite my tired and travel weary condition I was very excited to meet them and get my 12 month stay in Riga started.

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