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To write some other blog entry, I would like to present you now my personal ranking with 5 things I like and dislike about Latvia. First, my top 5, what I like about Latvia:



Now that my EVS has arrived the halftime, I should upload a new blog!
Meanwhile, Dina and I, we are totally busy with Latvian lessons (a big thank you to Anna! your lessons rock!) and school visits in Latvia, like in Ventspils or Kuldīga. In my life outside of work, I am joining now the students choir „Juventus” of Latvias University. I have already sung in a choir in Germany for the last 2 years and now Juventus is like a real professional choir and a real challenge for me. We have rehearsals twice a week for 3 hours, but it is so cool and I can improve my singing skills. Man patīk!!!

www.klubsmaja.lv-volunteer2011-tobias-mollerHello everybody!

More than 5 months I am now in my EVS in Klubs „Māja“! And finally the hard and cold winter has arrived and I am very happy about it as I wanted to experience a real Nordic winter atmosphere. Meanwhile everybody seems to be annoyed by the weather; so I guess I am the only person in Latvia who is demanding always for more snow and lower temperatures :) Now when I will return back in Germany, I can say that I have experienced -28°C with freezing breath on my scarf and ice-glasses. Before I could only remember how -10°C in Germany felt. For Dina this was very funny: in the beginning of my EVS I said that I won’t dress like an onion in the winter because I want to look fancy on the streets even in winter. But now I have to confess that you need indeed MANY MANY clothes to survive in the cold outside! Well now who needs fancy jackets anyway… :) and according to wearing glasses: in Latvia there are obviously only people without any problems with their eyes. At least I have never seen so less people with glasses like here. I guess I can count the people I know so far on one hand!

www.klubsmaja.lv-volunteer2011-tobias-mollerSveicināti visiem!

Happy New Year to all of you even it is almost the middle of January! :)

Time is really running in Latvia as I am now 4 months right here. Christmas has passed by so quickly. I took the holidays to spend this time at home in Germany with my friends and family. Just before leaving we had a christmas celebration with Klubs „Māja”. It was an interesting evening with making traditional Latvian christimas decoration. After that we had a big dinner with lots of small and different snacks. So far I found out that in Germany the influence of the Christ religion is much bigger than in Latvia.

www.klubsmaja.lv-volunteer2011-tobias-mollerLabvakar visiem!

Today I would like to share a few reports about the Latvian culture. Unfortunately, I have less and less time to write, because I'm still pretty much on the road - both professionally and personally. I do not know where the time went. Now I'm 3 months in Latvia. In the office, I have spent most of my time preparing my German classes and wrote an invitation letter for the schools. Now 2 groups of German basic course are over and my participants got certificates I especially made for them :)

Moreover, I have twice weekly Latvian lessons. I would still love to learn with my own Latvian learning book from Germany, but however, I hardly can find any time as I am ļoti čakls :)

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