In this post, I will continue with my adventure stories. Now, it is time for Lithuania where I visited Vilnius, Trakai and Kaunas. Frankly speaking, I had an expectation that Riga and Vilnius would be similar, but I was so wrong.

Zhanablog-becoolHave you ever heard about hitchhiking or couchsurfing? If yes that is great if no, please check on internet and you will understand why travelling is like addiction – you always want more!
I have seen hitchhiking in the movies, but never imagined that I would experience it. But you know, EVS is full of challenges so why not?! My first hitchhiking was from Rezekne to Riga and the driver was a very nice and educated man. Then I said” OK, I will try more and more”. If you ask why – here are my reasons - it is the cheapest way of travelling and you meet interesting people on the road. Of course, sometimes it takes long hours to catch a car, but patience is worth it, because when a car stops for you, it is very cool feeling. In my opinion, hitchhiking is quite popular in Latvia and people are happy to give you a ride. You just need to keep in your mind - Be open-minded, say thank you, stay cool!

ZhanablogOne of the best things about EVS is that it gives volunteers an opportunity to travel. There are some volunteers who do not manage to visit other countries just because they spend all the money for alcohol, clothes, etc. There are others who receive money from their family, but as for me, I do not get money from my parents and yet already visited 5countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Poland. You cannot imagine how great feeling I have when I look at all the postcards I have from my adventures. As you know, I come from Georgia and unfortunately, I need a visa to travel, but during the EVS I can visit every European country. This is why I try to use every chance and explore Europe as much as possible!

 TOL8975I remember how excited I was when I realized I would spend 9 months abroad. I cannot express with words, you have to feel it on your own. My life in Latvia is not the same I imagined before going here but it is definitely a different lifestyle. I will write about this later, now I would like to tell you about my on-arrival training.
Every EVS volunteer has training in the beginning of their project. The aim of this training is to help volunteers to feel “welcomed” in a new country, and to learn more about their projects (tasks, responsibilities, rights…), to meet other volunteers from various countries, share the experience and also to spend nice time in a very beautiful area of Latvia.

 TOL9196Latvia and Georgia are longtime friend countries and it is no surprising that people here are very interested to learn more about Georgia. This is the reason why I decided to give Georgian language lessons.
All my students are really very motivated and smart. Lessons are 2 times per week and it usually lasts 2 hours. Two of my students are planning to live in Georgia or at least do business in my country, so I feel very happy to help them in learning the language. Another student told me, it was her childhood dream to know Georgian alphabet, SO COOL! Imagine, I help her dream to come true.

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